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Rio Cuarto is located in the center of Argentina in the area known as the Humid Pampas.  Its location makes it an important trade area.  Here you will find a diverse region with a vibrant commercial area, scenic landscapes, and plenty of parks.  There are a variety of cultural activities, including museums, a historic district, and sporting events.   A favorable exchange rate, makes it a great shopping mecca too!  Argentina warmly awaits you.  

We especially love our oldest exchange partner and know you will too!  Travel to the country known as the “heart of Europe”. This wonderful nation has it all -- friendly people, yummy foods, colorful and ornate architecture and breathtaking scenery.   Once home of the mighty Hapsburg Empire, it continues to charm visitors. Visit castles, haunts of famous composers and philosophers, the Alps, Danube River and more. Local families will proudly introduce you to their town. You don’t need to speak German to go on this program.  This trip is open to any teens with a sense of wanderlust! 

This port town is situated on the Bay of Biscay in the western portion of the country.  Sandwiched in between Nantes and Bordeaux, it attracts visitors who come to tour the wine region. Its town center features medieval style storefronts, an extensive promenade, and a maritime museum that houses "The Calypso" -- the sailing vessel used by renowned oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau. During the 16th and 17th centuries, many battles took place here between the Hugenots and Catholics.

This quaint town is close to Switzerland, and has a long-standing. watchmaking tradition.  Visit those places that are synonymous with keepsake timepieces such as Cartier, or Tagheuer.  And this town also has quite a reputation for its delicious Morteau sausage, Klaus Chocolates and Franche Comte cheese.  The vicinity has castles, Roman ruins, and traditional farms that make the special and customary foods.  Nature is also beautiful here. Your visit to Morteau is sure to delight the senses!  

Referred to as "Salt Town", it was once a member of the medieval guild known as the Hanseatic League -- formed in the medieval ages to join individual merchants and trading towns throughout Europe in commercial endeavors.  After World War II, ramshackle buildings were demolished and historical buildings restored.  New construction was added to give the town a contemporary flair.  Tourists come here for the history and the relaxing spas and gardens that are central to the town.

Welcome to one of the most powerful cities in the world. Your visit will include stops to famous landmarks, historical sites and museums.  You've seen them on TV -- now see the real thing. A variety of stimulating experiences and entertainment awaits you. 
Visits to local schools will help you explore the academic life of American teens. The nation's capital is ideally situated within a four hours drive to the mountains, ocean, and other popular spots such as Baltimore, New York City and Colonial Williamsburg.


Work & Travel Programs
Work & Travel programs are designed by the U.S. Dept. of State to allow international college students to work at seasonal jobs in the US during their summer vacations.  Students have the chance to be better immersed in American culture by having the opportunity to live in the U.S. for an extended period of time, and not just as short-term tourists.  If your business can benefit from this program, please contact me to see if your company is eligible.

Let me introduce you to Circa Italia (about Italy). Have you dreamed of visiting Italy and being part of her thousands of years of beauty, culture, cuisine, and romance? The once mighty Roman Empire is still a place to behold.  Jackie Lamothe organizes regular tours to this spectacular country. Explore stunning countrysides, astonishing ancient architecture, and world class works of art along with moments of unparalleled joy.  See why Italy is one of the world's favorite vacation spots!

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