Euro-American Student Alliance - Host an exchange student, or go outbound as one
Everything Else 
Outbound travel to Europe and South America is arranged online through our business partner--Student Universe Travel. Travel insurance and travel tips are also available through their website. Visit them at 
For our exciting New York City adventures, we place all of the organizing details into the hands of these capable tour hosts: Educational Travel Adventures.  Visit their website at  Be sure to tell them that Euro-American Student Alliance sent you.

Learn More About Our Partner Communities

We are grateful to our longest and most treasured partner-Graz, Austria.  Our Inbound and Outbound programs are organized with the help of our dear Styrian friends.   See for yourself why this town holds a special place in our heart:

To learn about Austrian cultural events and resources available to you, visit the website of the Austrian Cultural Forum in DC at

Our partner in Argentina (the OK Institute) offers opportunities for native English speakers to teach English to children at their school.  Curious?  Find out more about this organization at

When travelling to Argentina for tourism or business purposes, U.S. citizens must pay an entry of $140 US Dollars.  The entry fee is good for 10 years and covers all members of your immediate family. Visit the Embassy of Argentina's website for further information at

Morteau, France is our newest alliance partner.  This charming city is located near the Swiss border and is quite a draw in its own right.  Clocks, cheese, chocolates and more are some of the delights you will find from this town.  Learn more about this charming city by visiting 

Learn more about French culture and practice your French skills with the help of Alliance Francaise.  You can learn more about their program activities by visiting:

Luneburg, Germany is a centuries old town and was a principal member of the medieval Hanseatic League.  It's beautiful scenery and central location to many major towns makes this an ideal place to visit.  Learn  more about this German city at

Program Information

Host Family Profiles are obtained to inform exchange students about their host family and lifestyle. 
Host Family Tips provide guidance on how make your guest feel at home and how to acquaint them with the routines and lifestyles of members of your household.
Teenagers wishing to participate in an exchange program are required to fill out a Student Application Form. This form is designed to help show your host family who you are through general questions, photos and a letter of introduction.
Each group of travelling students is accompanied by an adult representative from their home country. They are required to complete an Outbound Escort Application.
Students are required to carry medical and liability insurance for their travel, and to sign a Code of Conduct, Medical Release & Liability Release form.
Ready, Set, Go
Your bags are packed.  You're ready to go.  This catchy phrase was written by John Denver and memorialized in a popular folk song "Leaving on a Jet Plane".  But in all seriousness, what should you pack for your trip?  You'll find some suggestions in our "What to Pack"? document.

Wish List
New Countries. I am always looking for new countries to form exchange programs with.  I would love to work with Chile, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries or our neighbor to the north-Canada.  

If you are interested in sending a group of students to the DC area and can reciprocate by hosting American teens in your country, I'd love to hear from you.
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