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Euro-American Student Alliance is a student exchange organization, arranging short-term homestays for groups of American and European teens. The programs are 2-4 weeks in length, and combine living with host families, visiting local sights and participating in interactive field trips to ensure a well balanced program.  These programs are ideal for teens who are looking for an alternative to the academic year programs, or for schools who would like to participate in a travel program with their class during the regular school season.
We create homestay programs that offer a unique glimpse into life in another country. Our goal is to not only help you forge long-term friendships with the people you will meet, but to also inspire you to study a foreign language or learn about other cultures.

Our programs are “true exchanges” because we partner with communities and schools who are not only interested in sending their teens to America, but who are equally receptive to hosting American teens in their countries.
Host families are integral to the success of our programs. They open their homes to visiting teens and their teachers, and help make them feel welcome in their country. Host families are volunteer families and receive no economic compensation. For this reason, you can be assured that they host for the pure joy of getting to know someone from another country and not for financial gain. 
Euro-American Student Alliance’s exchange programs are open to any teenager who enjoys meeting new people and is interested in visiting the U.S., Europe or South America for a short time.
Visit our UPCOMING EVENTS page to see which countries are visiting the Washington, DC area, and what opportunities are available for American teens to travel overseas.
If you are interested in hosting an exchange student, travelling outbound or bringing a group of students to America, please fill out the CONTACT US page to request more information.

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